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New remixes availables

New remixes availables now, remixes for Kurtz in DeepClass Records and Jero Nougues in Haute Musique.


New remix for Carlos Hdez & Rishi K. released on DeepClass Records, available now!

Deep People, my last remix is now available, a remix for my friends Carlos Hdez & Rishi K. released on DeepClass Records, listen the preview here, grab your copy and enjoy the music.

Last EPs available

Since last Summer so far, these are my last two EPs, on the one hand we have from the Deep Site Space label an EP exclusive remixes with artists like Deep Spelle, BiG Al, Prosis and Jonny Bee. And from the Adult Music Records label my second EP, a journey deep and beautiful for lovers of Deep House. They are available at major online stores.

Fresh remixes for this Summer!

Some of my latest remixes are now available!
We started with the remix to Crumpled Music, Olej, a Deep House  producer, Produce a very cool and stylish with a lot of sense, I provide my remix for this sensational Sixty One track.
On the other side is the remix I composed for Ran Salman & Shlomi B from the label Itom Records, a fine track easy listening.

And finally we have the remix to Thanos T. a Greek producer. For one of my favorite labels:  Deep Site Recordings. Hope you like my latest works.