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New remix out now for BiG AL released on NightChild Records

Available one of my latest remixes for BiG AL released in NightChild Records from New York, enjoying friends.


New EP Out Now Released on Dubhe Recordings

Knowing a person is part of everyday life, and in this presentation we say: Nice to meet you, an expression of respect and education, based on that, Deephope offers the track ”Nice to meet you” playing with your personality in Deep House scene. On the other hand, and giving title reference to the 029 in Dubhe, Deephope gives us another taste test, taste more Dub in this ” Natural Flavor”, dub and deep sounds mixed as would a chef in a kitchen, accompanied by two good remixes on one side Alessandro Crimi clearly deeper and dub, on the other, Nando Muro remix that leaves a more deep and juicy.

Starting 2014 with my debut on iRecords

One of the more labels you have always liked, a classic among classics, iRecords from USA, had already collaborated on some remix for Deep Spelle and Rishi K  and now comes my turn with this EP called ”The Childhood” where two remixes include, Deep Active Sound and Johan Vermeulen are responsible. Hope you enjoy.