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Available now! Rishi K. & Deephope / 5 and Dime Recordings

5 and Dime Recordings celebrates their 25th EP with the essential In Too Deep EP from Rishi K. and Deephope. Full of soothing melodies and lightly drifting rhythms, this beautiful EP will take you along the waves and keep you flowing. In Too Deep’s original mix sets the tone with an all encompassing harmony, featuring a wonderfully soft and rolling beat surrounded by light and luscious synths. Already Leaves the Sun stays along this drift, with a peaceful atmosphere and delicate beat. Creating a perfect addition to the EP, Harold Heath’s remix of In Too Deep brings some new elements to the mix, with funky rhythms and carefully crafted pieces that create an upbeat ride. With a complete set of finely produced and lovingly created tracks, 5 and Dime Recordings’ In Too Deep EP creates a peaceful space for dreaming, where you can easily fall in and get lost in the depths of the music.

Words: Lauren Solefield


Last EPs available

Since last Summer so far, these are my last two EPs, on the one hand we have from the Deep Site Space label an EP exclusive remixes with artists like Deep Spelle, BiG Al, Prosis and Jonny Bee. And from the Adult Music Records label my second EP, a journey deep and beautiful for lovers of Deep House. They are available at major online stores.